Applied statistical sampling for teachers, students and professionals

Ángel Gómez Degraves
Kariné Gómez Marquina
  • Estadística
1ra. Edición 2021


It is well known that any survey research process, through census or sampling, requires reliable statistics, it has a universe or group of entities such as companies, institutions, organizations, associations, people, objects, processes, where it is not possible to perform all measurements in all entities for reasons of time, resources, cost, difficulty of access to the entity, among others. We refer in this case mainly to studies in the Social and Human Sciences, where complex samples are currently widely used.

The truth is that Statistical Sampling (SS) is considered today as a transversal discipline that touches a large part of research, quantitative or qualitative, observational or experimental.

No text on Statistical Sampling can address all its facets, there is no dimension to do so; that is why, in this text, we focus on the most usual and important strategies in Statistical Sampling Design.

This text approaches Statistical Sampling in the simplest possible way, including the theoretical contents and particularities of each Statistical Sampling scheme, dealing with probability sampling, non-probability sampling and mixed schemes, of much use nowadays. The authors try to make a book that does not move away from the theoretical aspects of SS, but we give much strength to the practical aspects and applications.

The users of this text range from university professors, people from different undergraduate programs, to aspiring Masters in the use of the techniques, so that their results have rigor and scientific validity.


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